[MonoDevelop] Autotools plugin.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Mon Jul 10 17:07:11 EDT 2006


> I think a better way to handle this type of situation would be to permit
> the creation of pc files for nested solutions. 
> Say you have solution 'mylib'.  This solution contains all the non-gui
> projects (dlls).  A pc file would be created for these libs.  Then,
> within this solution, you could create another solution called
> 'mylib-gui'.  This would have all the gui libs, and another pc file
> would be created for this solution with 'mylib' in the 'Requires'
> variable.
> This would give you some granularity without unneccessarily polluting
> pkgconfig with a pc for each individual dll.

This seems more complicated than just generating a new .pc file for each

What I would like to aim for is for good sensible defaults, something
that makes things work out of the box.  Our Unix development environment
is already too complicated as it is.


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