[MonoDevelop] Generics in CC

Alejandro Serrano trupill at yahoo.es
Tue Jul 4 07:51:40 EDT 2006

Can this code be commited to the SVN? I would like to start working on 
having generics support on Nemerle binding. I think the actual code is 
good enough to be commited (and it would create less problems if we all 
worked with the same version).

Thanks in advance,

Matej Urbas escribió:
> Lluis Sanchez wrote:
>> this problem just increase the version of the file format
>> (FORMAT_VERSION constant in CodeCompletionDatabase). You can also try
>> deleting all files in ~/.config/MonoDevelop/CodeCompletionData.
> I did that, and it works! Thanks!
> No exceptions are thrown and the code completion databases have been 
> recreated successfully. Code completion in the editor also works correctly.
> Surely, I will test it more thoroughly in the time being.
> Anyways, now that our code completion has support for generics, it would 
> be about time to use it. If anyone has some hints for me - on how to get 
> the generics data out from parsers, it would be greatly appreciated.
> Enjoy
> ---
> Matej
> P.S.: If I haven't mentioned it yet: I'm working with the most current 
> checkout from the SVN repository...

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