[MonoDevelop] Generics in CC

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Mon Jul 3 18:27:08 EDT 2006

El dl 03 de 07 del 2006 a les 22:47 +0200, en/na Matej Urbas va
> Hi
> I've been away for a while, but here I am again.
> While I'm still trying to make generics support for CC, I have not 
> progressed very far. I have not been able to make the (de)serialization 
> process work... I need some help from professionals here.
> After changing the BaseTypes attribute into a ReturnTypeList (in 
> AbstractClass), and after making all the changes needed in Persistent* 
> classes, I have broken quite some things.
> I have tested the changes on the Monodevelop project (Monodevelop.mds) - 
> where I have manually deleted the .pidb files (I don't know if that's 
> the right way of testing it either :D).
> The problem I'm experiencing is that the serialization process doesn't 
> work well (not at all). I'm getting a lot of these (when code completion 
> is triggered in an editor):
> ERROR MonoDevelop.Core.ILoggingService [(null)] - 
> System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range.
> in <0x0000e> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.StringNameTable:GetStringValue 
> (Int32 id)
> in <0x0003d> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.PersistentHelper:ReadString 
> (System.IO.BinaryReader reader, INameDecoder nameTable)
> in <0x0005b> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.PersistentReturnType:Read 
> (System.IO.BinaryReader reader, INameDecoder nameTable)
> in <0x00156> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.PersistentClass:Read 
> (System.IO.BinaryReader reader, INameDecoder nameTable)
> in <0x0009f> 
> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.CodeCompletionDatabase:ReadClass 
> (MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.ClassEntry ce)
> in <0x0005d> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.CodeCompletionDatabase:GetClass 
> (MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.ClassEntry ce)
> in <0x0012f> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.CodeCompletionDatabase:GetClass 
> (System.String typeName, Boolean caseSensitive)
> in <0x000d7> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.ParserDatabase:GetClass 
> (MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.CodeCompletionDatabase db, System.String 
> typeName, Boolean caseSensitive)
> in <0x00035> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.ParserDatabase:GetClass 
> (MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.CodeCompletionDatabase db, System.String 
> typeName, Boolean deepSearchReferences, Boolean caseSensitive)
> in <0x00014> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.ParserDatabase:GetClass 
> (MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.CodeCompletionDatabase db, System.String 
> typeName)
> in <0x00066> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.ParserDatabase:SearchType 
> (MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.CodeCompletionDatabase db, System.String 
> name, IClass callingClass, ICompilationUnit unit)
> in <0x00020> 
> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.ParserDatabase+CompilationUnitTypeResolver:Resolve 
> (System.String typeName)
> in <0x00059> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.PersistentReturnType:Resolve 
> (IReturnType source, ITypeResolver typeResolver)
> in <0x000be> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.PersistentProperty:Resolve 
> (IProperty source, ITypeResolver typeResolver)
> in <0x00607> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.PersistentClass:Resolve (IClass 
> sclass, ITypeResolver typeResolver)
> in <0x000b4> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.ParserDatabase:ResolveTypes 
> (MonoDevelop.Projects.Project project, ICompilationUnit unit, 
> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.ClassCollection types, 
> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.ClassCollection result)
> in <0x000e6> 
> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.ProjectCodeCompletionDatabase:UpdateFromParseInfo 
> (IParseInformation parserInfo, System.String fileName)
> in <0x0016c> MonoDevelop.Projects.Parser.ParserDatabase:UpdateFile 
> (MonoDevelop.Projects.Project project, System.String fileName, 
> System.String fileContent)

This may happen if MD tries to read an old parser database. To avoid
this problem just increase the version of the file format
(FORMAT_VERSION constant in CodeCompletionDatabase). You can also try
deleting all files in ~/.config/MonoDevelop/CodeCompletionData.


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