[MonoDevelop] Problems with monodevelop from www.mono-project.com

Davide Capodaglio davidecapod at inwind.it
Tue Jan 31 05:36:55 EST 2006

Hi all,
I have some problems running monodevelop from www.mono-project.com (Mono 
1.1.13), using the universal installer.
When I choose "New solution" and go to "C#" section in next dialog, 
monodevelop strangely freezes there, and running "top" shows mono 
running at 100% cpu, but nothing happens.
Other solution types work flawlessly.
I was having this problem also in previous mono versions, in fact I was 
stuck at 1.1.8 from a while.

The other problem is that monodevelop at start complains about missing 
libgtkembedmoz.so; I have installed firefox 1.5 but this library is 
missing in it.
Where can I find it? In Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey?

Using Mandriva LE2005.


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