[MonoDevelop] Better monodoc integration

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Sun Jan 29 08:22:13 EST 2006

El sáb, 28-01-2006 a las 18:15 +0100, Jacob Ilsø Christensen escribió:
> Hi.
> In current MonoDevelop hitting F1 will always show help for the type
> of the item the cursor is at instead of showing help for the item
> itself. I have begun working on a patch to make sure that the correct
> help will always be shown. I have attached some preliminary work and
> would like some comments as to whether this is the way to go.
> A few things:
> I have made it the responsibility of the MonodocService to translate
> ILanguageItems into a relevant monodoc "help url". For this I needed
> to add a reference from the MonoDevelop.Documentation assembly to the
> MonoDevelop.Projects assemby. Is this reference ok?

I think that the approach is good, but the problem is that
MonoDevelop.Projects already has a reference to
MonoDevelop.Documentation, and we can't add a circular reference.

I propose the following solution:
      * Add in MonoDevelop.Projects a new interface named
        IDocumentationService, which defines the same methods as in
      * Replace MonodocService by IDocumentationService in
        MonoDevelop.Projects, and remove the reference to
      * In MonoDevelop.Documentation add a reference to
        MonoDevelop.Projects and make MonodocService implement

This would fix the issue.

> There is in MonoDevelop currently some functionality based on the
> MonodocResolver method which I will phase out when the above patch
> stabilizes.
> Oh, and don't try to apply the patch since it won't work due to the
> above reference issue. :-)
> Just wanted the opinion of someone else.
> Thanks,
> Jacob
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