[MonoDevelop] Rework of SourceEditor, SyntaxHilighting preferences panel

Muthiah Annamalai muthus_post at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 29 05:54:08 EST 2006

 I think there was a problem with the webserver, recognizing the .patch
 extension, whatever. Anyway this URL works.
 Patch URL:
 Yes, on #monodevelop , latexer told me about the type of cluttered dialog
 we were having, I think we can fix those things by editing the .glade file,
 as code does not need any changes.
Jacob Ilsø Christensen <jacobilsoe at gmail.com> wrote: Hi.
 I think the idea is good, but the dialog is a bit too cluttered IMO. Personally I would like some more spacing between the two lists and the Restore Defaults button. Also what is Languages on top of the language list? Is it a button? Why is it not a regular label? Well, this is just by personal opinion. I don't know much about HIG.

On 1/29/06, Muthiah Annamalai <muthus_post at yahoo.com> wrote: The URL's must read,
  A Rework of SourceEditor, SyntaxHilighting preferences panel,
  with screenshot is here:
  patch file,

Jacob Ilsø Christensen < jacobilsoe at gmail.com> wrote: It seems the link to the png-file does not work...

On 1/29/06, Muthiah Annamalai < muthus_post at yahoo.com> wrote: Hi,
 Currently, the  SourceEditor, SyntaxHilighting preferences panel, has 
 a combo box to choose the list of languages and their syntax hiliting 
 I thought if you had a treeview instead of this combo box, you wouldnt 
 hide the UI, and make it more intuitive for the user to choose his/her 
 A Rework of SourceEditor, SyntaxHilighting preferences panel,
 with screenshot is here:
 patch file,
 <snipped to save space>


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