[MonoDevelop] revisiting default assembly references

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Sun Jan 22 10:48:28 EST 2006

> > First of all, the "GAC" tab of the references dialog should renamed to
> > "Packages" or something like this, since it's not showing assemblies
> > from the GAC, but from the packages available through pkg-config (plus
> > the system assemblies).
> >   
> I agree, although I think I would separate the System assemblies from 
> those available through pkg-config myself.

System assemblies would just be part of a "mono" package. I don't see
the need for a special section for this.

> > When storing a reference to a package assembly, MD could store the
> > assembly name, package name, and package version. When loading a project
> > in a system that does not have the available package, MD could use a
> > compatible installed version or just show an error if no versions of the
> > package are available. We could do the same for references specified in
> > templates.
> Sounds ok, with one minor issue.  I am not sure if relying on the 
> "package" thing won't cause problems for people
> trying to share projects between the various IDE's, which is something 
> growing increasingly important at least for me.

It will depend on the IDE. I think that VS is also based on packages, so
we would just need to do some package mapping. Don't know about other


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