[MonoDevelop] Perspectives?

Enver ALTIN ealtin at parkyeri.com
Fri Jan 20 18:19:55 EST 2006


I /had to/ switch to Windows a while ago and I had to change my 
development environment quite a bit to fit better to the needs of the 
project I'm working on, that is, mostly a Java/J2EE project.

So, I'm on Eclipse for about 2 months and I'm quite happy with it. Now I 
was looking at Monologue and noticed screenshots of Lluis' wonderful 
Glade-3/Monodevelop integration work. Thanks Lluis!

Screenshots look very good except for one thing. There are too many dock 
windows. I haven't tried to get it working myself yet, so I guess these 
Glade-3 related dock windows don't get hidden automatically when I 
switch to editing a .cs file.

I guess some ideas from the perspective concept used by Eclipse can help 
a little bit. I mean, when I switch to editing a glade file, glade docks 
would be displayed and when I switch back to editing a regular file, 
they would disappear.

Do you think it's worth taking a look at?


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