[MonoDevelop] Monodevelop 0.9 syntax highlighting not working

Sorin Peste neaorin at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 12:16:16 EST 2006

John Luke wrote:
> Sorin Peste wrote:
>> I have the same problem, also using SUSE 10 and monodevelop 0.9. 
>> After looking around a bit, it seems that after installing 0.9 (SUSE 
>> RPM), I have no ~/.config/MonoDevelop/SyntaxHighlighting.xml file, 
>> and after running monoDevelop for the first time, it is created with 
>> just the root element.
>> I tried reverting to what I had before (monodevelop 0.7) after 
>> deleting the ~/config/MonoDevelop dir, but no luck.
>> Could someone please help me with a good SyntaxHighlighting.xml file? 
>> Thank you.
> That file only stores _customizations_ of the style/color of 
> highlighting.  An empty or missing one just means use the default style.
> So it is not likely your problem. The syntax highlighting itself works 
> by mimetype, so it is likely your system doesn't recognize the file 
> type you
> are trying to open.  I assume you mean a C# file? The gnomevfs-info 
> command can tell you what type it thinks it is. You could also try to 
> open
> a .xml or .py or .c file to see if they work.
>> PS. Also, if I click a button in the Edit->Preferences->Text 
>> Editor->Syntax highlighting window in this situation (no elements), 
>> the IDE hangs.
> That sounds like a bug that would be nice to have in bugzilla, with 
> some sort of backtrace.  Although it may be because you accidentally 
> mixed
> in the old release on top of the current one.
Hi John, and thanks for the reply.

$ gnomevfs-info MagicCube.cs
Name              : MagicCube.cs
Type              : Regular
MIME type         : text/x-csharp
Default app       : monodevelop.desktop

Looks OK to me. No syntax highlighting when opening .c or .xml files 
Thing is, on  monodevelop 0.7 syntax highlighting worked fine, so I 
don't see how could this be a system problem. I'll look around a bit 
more and try to find out what the problem is. And I will "bugzilla" the 
IDE hang, if it's still there after a cleanup and fresh reinstall.

Have a nice day.

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