Fwd: [MonoDevelop] integrate glade3 with monodevelop

Marek Habersack grendel at caudium.net
Thu Jan 12 07:15:11 EST 2006

* Lluis Sanchez <lluis at ximian.com> [060112 12:40], scribbled:
> El jue, 12-01-2006 a las 15:15 +0530, hemant escribió:
> > hey..i have already build glade3, but somebody(latexer) told me that
> > you should have gladeui-sharp to enable glade3 addin..so i proceed to
> > compile gladeui-sharp and i got compile time error in the generated
> > code. Then Johnp told me, that gladeui-sharp is broken. 
> > 
> > Look, gladeui-sharp is broken..i know it for sure...
> Why are you so sure?
> >  now the question is whether i need it for integrating glade3 with
> > monodevelop or not?
> Of course you need it. gladeui-sharp are the mono bindings for glade3.
> >  if not, then ok. but whoever is the maintainer of gladeui-sharp,
> > should know that..its broken.. 
> As Atsushi already said, it is not broken. You need the latest GTK#
> before compiling gladeui-sharp. There were some issues with the GAPI
> code generator that were recently fixed.
Are you certain that the changes are in the anonymous svn yet? Here's what
I'm gettin with both latest svn of mono and gladeui-sharp (mono compiled 5
minutes ago):

mcs -nowarn:169 -unsafe -target:library
        AssemblyInfo.cs generated/*.cs -out:gladeui-sharp.dll
syntax error, got token `REF'
generated/PropertyClass.cs(122,17): error CS1002: Expecting `;'
syntax error, got token `REF'
generated/PropertyClass.cs(274,17): error CS1002: Expecting `;'
Compilation failed: 2 error(s), 0 warnings
make[2]: *** [gladeui-sharp.dll] Error 1

after fixing both of the referenced lines above, I get:

generated/Util.cs(121,37): warning CS0612: `Gtk.Combo' is obsolete
generated/GladeuiSharp.GetChildrenFuncNative.cs(17,12): error CS0030: Cannot
convert type `GLib.List' to `System.IntPtr'
Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 1 warnings
make: *** [gladeui-sharp.dll] Error 1

Not sure how can I fix this one though :(
So it seems there still might be some bug lurking around in the anonymous svn.

best regards,

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