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Jacob Ilsø Christensen jacobilsoe at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 16:02:44 EST 2006

Is this patch good to commit. If so, I'll do it. :-)


On 12/27/05, Grzegorz Sobanski <silk at boktor.net> wrote:
> Hi.
> There are two problems with building Mono Develop and nunit support.
> One is emerging on Debian systems, and other is independent.
> OS: Debian Sid, NUnit package 2.2.0-1, MonoDevelop - rev 54856.
> 1. Configure seems to be broken, because it behaves differently in those
> situtaions:
> a) run with parameter:
> ./configure --enable-nunit
> ./configure --disable-nunit
> b) run without any parameters
> ./configure
> In a) configure is doing a pkg-config check for installation of nunit,
> and acts accordingly - sets paths, exits when nunit is not found, etc.
> But in b) no check is done.
> It is not a problem for old developers who have all needed libs
> installed, but is an annoyance for new ones, as it is not doing it's job
> of proper checking for needed libs.
> I attach a small patch fixing this.
> 2. It is mentioned in mail from Matthew B Philmon on 14.12, and in #76814
> On Debian systems NUnit packages is installing nuint as "nunit" in
> pkg-config. But MonoDevelop build process looks for "mono-nunit" so it
> cannot find installed nunit libs.
> I can write to debian package maintainer, if name mono-nunit is somehow
> encouraged and widely used. But I don't know why MonoDevelop looks for
> mono-nunit and not nunit?
> Other solution is to change configure to look for both, which I could
> probably do if it is needed.
> And small question. Configure checks for nunit in version 1.1.8. Is
> MonoDevelop really working with NUnit prior to 2.2? Some did check it?
> Best wishes
> Grzegorz
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