[MonoDevelop] Newbie questions

Honey, Steve shoney at wsi.com
Mon Feb 27 09:52:24 EST 2006

Hi all,

I'm new to mono and monodevelop and am coming from a C/Unix environment.

I don't have experience in the Windows .NET/C# world but several people
at our company develop in that environment (which is why I'm looking at
C# for Linux).

I am in the process of evaluating whether it makes sense for my group to
move into the C# world, using Mono.  

I got Mono up and running fairly easily on RHE 4 and I have created and
application to read radar data and convert the image to gif.  

Generally I like the environment and IDE.  Congratulations to all those
that have worked on it.  

One problem I'm having, which is probably operator error, is creating a
library in one solution and having a project in another solution
reference it.  I try to add a reference from the project but I only see
projects in my current solution, and not ones from other solutions.  Can
someone tell me how to do this?

Also is there a timeframe for when the debugger will be added to the

Thanks in advance,

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