[MonoDevelop] Monodevelop API?

Tiago tiago at psl-pr.softwarelivre.org
Sun Feb 19 17:57:12 EST 2006


On this year I'll be very busy building an application to allow developers to build prototypes for database applications using Mono, Firebird DBMS and Gtk#. I'm planning it to work like wizards: given all the parameters I need I'll generate the SQLs and the .cs files to the application. 

I just have one concern right now:
Once I have, for example, all the cs and resource files, is there anyway I could automatically generate a solution to be opened on MonoDevelop after all the code and resources are generated?

To make myself clear: is there an API to allow me the process of developing a "MonoDevelop Solution"? 

Once this will be my last graduation project, I would really like to develop something memorable to show the "power" of mono/gtk#/MonoDevelop. 

Best regards and thanks in advance. 

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