[MonoDevelop] monodevelop won't start from icon on FC4

Hogeweg, Erwin (GE Infrastructure) Erwin.Hogeweg at ge.com
Wed Feb 15 11:30:20 EST 2006


I have a problem with launching monodevelop from an icon. It seems that this is more a Linux issue than a monodevelop issue but I figured that most readers on this list are Linux experts anyway ;-)

I have installed mono-1.1.13-2 from the installer package on the mono-project site on a clean FC4 system. The installation went just fine.

What happens is that I CAN launch monodevelop from a terminal window, no matter what the current working directory is, but I CAN NOT launch it from an icon. It doesn't matter if I try to launch the monodevelop executable in the ~/mono-1.1.13-2/bin folder or the "hammer" in the mono folder. When I click it nothing happens, absolutely nothing. Well initially there seems to be some disc activity but that is all. No error or warning messages. Same thing when I click the monoDoc icon.

I have followed all the installer instructions on the mono-project site and made sure that all the path stuff is added to both my ~/.bashrc and the /etc/profile (just in case), and even rebooted my system (again, just in case).

It is no big deal because I can still run monodevelop from a terminal window but I am just curious if anyone has seen this before.

Thanks for your attention,


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