[MonoDevelop] Re: Escape closes

John Luke john.luke at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 15:04:32 EST 2006

Jacob Ilsø Christensen wrote:
> On 2/2/06, *John Luke* <john.luke at gmail.com 
> <mailto:john.luke at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Jacob Ilsø Christensen wrote:
>     > Hi.
>     >
>     > The attached patch adds the event handler via glade. Is this good to
>     > commit? I plan to do this for every dialog I come across. Any
>     objections?
>     I seem to remember this being discussed in the HIG, but a quick
>     look and
>     I didn't find it.
> Nope, cannot find it in the HIG either.
Maybe, it was just this:
which I do not know the conclusion of.
>     At least before you do it, can you check that this is the behavior of
>     most gnome software? 
> Well, most gnome software is a lot of software! I tried out the few apps:
> gedit: some dialogs close hitting escape twice, some escape once and 
> some don't.
> gimp: almost all dialogs close hitting escape once, some don't.
> evolution: almost all dialogs close hitting escape once, some don't.
> epiphany: some close hitting escape once, some don't
That's enough, I just meant stuff that comes with gnome and more than 1 
or 2.
Which seems to indicate confusion still on this topic.  Unless all modal 
dialogs are doing
one and non-modal the other.
> And how should MonoDevelop behave?
I don't know, but I know if you read the above links, survey the 
behavior of other programs in GNOME, and then
think if MonoDevelop should behave like them or differently you will 
find the answer.  I would prefer to use the default
of the toolkit myself.

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