[MonoDevelop] Native support for VS2005 Projects in Monodevelop

"Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ] "Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ]
Thu Dec 21 15:29:18 EST 2006

Ankit Jain escribió:
> Hi,
>> /home/knocte/(...)/mcs/nunit20/nunit.sln(3): Unsupported or unrecognized
>> project: 'samples\jsharp\jsharp.vjsproj'. See logs.
>> /home/knocte/(...)/mcs/nunit20/nunit.sln(7): Unsupported or unrecognized
>> project : 'samples\cpp-sample\cpp-sample.vcproj'. See logs.
>> /home/knocte/(...)/mcs/nunit20/nunit.sln(11): Unsupported or
>> unrecognized project: 'install\install.vdproj'. See logs.
> Earlier you had mentioned that you were trying to load nunit20.sln, but here you
> are loading nunit.sln . 

You're right! I got confused.
I have now tried to load nunit20.sln and it works well, no errors, so I
suppose your commit fixed it.

> The *20.sln references vs2005 (msbuild) format
> project files,
> where nunit.sln references some vs2003 projects.
> nunit20.sln loads up fine.
> The addin doesn't provide native support for vs2003 projects. I should
> be checking on the
> "format version" on the .sln file i guess, and report a summary or
> something of the errors.

I see. Well, then we have a weird behaviour in MonoDevelop :) because:

- VS2003 projects can be imported, but not used.
- VS2005 projects can be used, but not imported.

>> I suppose that this .sln file contains project types not supported by
>> MonoDevelop (by now, and never I suppose), so a nice workaround to allow
>> to work with a solution like this would be this feature:
> Actually the addin does try to ensure that even if it is unable to load some
> projects the rest do open. What it _doesn't_ do right now is show up failed
> projects solution explorer in MD. I do have that on my todo :)

It would be nice too, to give a more user-friendly message, at least for
the VS2003 case, instead of just saying "unsupported or unrecognized",
what about "VS2003 projects cannot be used natively by MonoDevelop yet,
but you can import it to a MonoDevelop project format"?

>> BTW: I am seeing that the project I wanted to open, when built with
>> NAnt, a "build\bin" is created, instead of creating a "build +
>> Path.DirectorySeparatorChar + bin", so this is not cross-platform.
> MD uses the correct directory seperator for the files/directories. I'm not sure
> what nant does, but i don't think that relates to MD here.

I know that this doesn't relates to MD, but the message was also being
posted to mono-list :). What I guess is that the NAnt xml file is
incorrect, but don't know how to fix it.

> Thanks for testing :)

You're welcome! ;)


	Andrés	[ knocte ]


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