[MonoDevelop] Separating AspNetAddIn functionality from the Project type

Michael Hutchinson m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 09:17:03 EST 2006

I am interested by the new ProjectserviceExtension AddIn, as this
allows me to implement AspNetAddIn as extensions to normal project
types (like MonoDevelop.GtkCore) rather than a project type itself.
This will make it *possible* to add support for VS2005 web application
project files, which is made  difficult at the moment because that
VS2005 file support is also a project type. It will also make the code
more reusable by other web project types.

Fortunately the deployment code is already separate to the project
type (at least when it gets finished). The thing that may not be
possible ATM is to override the compile directory. I'd also like to be
able to hide option panels when the ASP.NET functionality is not
enabled, and this would be useful for GtkCore as well (<Conditional

If I'm going to do this at some point, it would make sense to sort it
out before release so as not to change the project file format later
on. However, this will probably make it not possible to hit the 1.0
release. Is this a good idea?

Michael Hutchinson

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