[MonoDevelop] Posible Bug in Stetic

Luciano Callero lnc19 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 4 17:10:35 EST 2006

   I'm developing an application in Mono with mono-develop. I found a 
posible bug in Stetic in Mono-Develop. When i create a new solution, and 
access to design mode, i try to change the property **Consejo de Tipo** (I 
have spanish version) from **Window Property** monodevelop automatically 
disappear (Without any message or error).
I'm using:
* ubuntu 6.10
* monodevloep 0.12
* Gtk-sharp 2.10

Do i fill a bug report?
Luciano N. Callero
(Sorry, i'm english is not my native language)

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