[MonoDevelop] Refactoring menu

Paulo Aboim Pinto esqueleto at tusofona.com
Fri Dec 1 20:10:15 EST 2006

On Fri, 2006-12-01 at 23:13 +0100, Jacob Ilsø Christensen wrote:
> Hi.
> I have started experimenting a bit with a refactoring menu in
> conjunction with the rename refactoring feature. I have some
> questions:
> 1) There is currently only one RefactoryCommand named
> CurrentRefactoryOperations. I added another one named Rename. Is this
> ok?

Why you don't add more features like "Extract Method". This feature will
pick some selected code and make a static, or not, method with the
parameters that is need. 
Put in the place of the selected code the call, and create the Method.

This feature calculate the necessary parameters that this method need.

There is more features about refactoring:
# Reorder Parameters
# Extract Method
# Extract Property
# Create Overload
# Surrounds With
# Encapsulate field
# Reverse Conditional
# Simplify expression
# Introduce Local
# Introduce constant
# Inline Temp
# Replace Temp with Query
# Split Temporary Variable
# Move initialization to declaration
# Split initialization from declaration
# Move declaration near reference

You can find here http://www.dotnetforce.com/Content.aspx?t=a&n=253 and
here http://dotnet.org.za/ernst/archive/2004/07/06/2595.aspx some
explanation what some feature do.

> 2) I have attached a screenshot of the Refactoring menu. Should it
> contain only the Rename refactoring operation and similar ones or also
> the navigation stuff (the same as when rightclicking) as shown in the
> screenshot? What about "Go to Type"?

I think that in the Right-Click the popup should have the all the
possible operations that the user should do at the time.

In the menu should have all the features. Some could be disable. But all
should be there.

Hope I could help
Paulo Aboim Pinto (Esqueleto)
Odivelas - Portugal

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