[MonoDevelop] Welcome Page Localization Patch

Herman Roelfs hroe at home.nl
Fri Dec 1 13:41:14 EST 2006

Hi Gideon,
i wasn't aware of this trick you described for using Extension Objects from 
within XSLT, thanks!
Maybe this is woth mentioning in the upcoming R1.0 documentation?
Regards, Herman
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>> The thing is, this addin does not change much.  When it does, it will be
>> between releases.  So, a dynamic setup really does not gain us anything.
>> That and the patch to do it in the way I described would be very small
>> and simple.  Which is always good.
> Point taken that content might only change when releasing a new version.
>> But anyways, it doesn't really matter.  I have tried your patch and it
>> does not seem to break anything.  I am not familiar with the tricks you
>> used to get localization working, but if it does, great.  So, commiting
>> this patch is ok with me.
> The only real trick that I have used was to add Extension Objects to the
> XsltArguments. This allows you to call C# methods from within your XSLT. 
> The
> XSLT processor associates the namespace with the extension object. I found
> that Extension Objects are a great way to extend XSLT functionality. For
> example develop a library in C# for formatting date, numbers and etc based
> on CultureInfo for the current user. This can then be used in all XSLT to
> standardize the format.
>> thanks for the effort,
> Thanks for your input and feedback, I will commit this patch.
> Regards
> Gideon de Swardt
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