[MonoDevelop] Code Completion doesn't work at all on Ubuntu 6.06LTS

João Gomes jg at netvisao.pt
Thu Aug 24 05:41:08 EDT 2006


I have the same problem.

The code completion works, but not always... only sometimes...
And it has nothing to do with any previous error in the code.

I don't know what is the problem.

Alexander Dong Back Kim wrote:

I've just installed MonoDevelop 0.10 on Ubuntu 6.06LTS.
It seems there is a problem with the code completion. I created a project
and started coding but the popup of member information never appeared. I
checked the option of code completion too (as default). I added reference

Is there any suggestion or hints for solving this problem? Since the code
completion doesn't work, it is really hard to keep using MonoDevelop.

Alex D. B. Kim
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