[MonoDevelop] Web References

Gideon de Swardt gdeswardt1978 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Aug 15 11:17:18 EDT 2006

Hi Rafael

Do you know of any example of how to do this? I googled "Gtkmozembed
certificate truststores" and could not find any information on how to
use it etc. Any help on this will be much appreciated.


Gideon de Swardt

On Wed, 2006-07-26 at 10:26 -0300, Rafael Teixeira wrote:
> I think you have to give certificate truststores to the control, for
> it to be able to accept sites. AFAIK, it won't use the ones already
> configured for any of the frontends (mozilla/firefox/etc..)
> Hope it helps,

> > > Unfortunately I have run into a problem with MozillaControl widget, the
> > > application crash unexptectedly when every I try and open an HTTPS Url.
> > > Is HTTPS supported in the MozillaControl?
> > > It will be a pretty useless dialog window if it can't support HTTPS,
> > > seeing as most corporate web services use the HTTPS protocol.

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