[MonoDevelop] Autotools plugin.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Mon Aug 14 16:49:56 EDT 2006


> The --libs output provides something like "-r:mydll.dll -r:other.dll".
> For unstable API libraries (i.e. ones that should not go in the GAC),
> the guidelines say to use an additional variable 'Libraries' in the pc
> file.  For the above example, the value would be "mydll.dll other.dll". 
> The consumers can then use this variable to copy over the dlls into the
> ouput directory for running the app.  The problem is that the --libs
> output is recursive, providing all the dependencies of dependencies and
> so forth, while the 'Libraries' output will only bring back the toplevel
> package output.
> I'm not sure how to resolve this.  There may be a way within pkg-config
> I am unaware of.

Oh, we can introduce more variables as we see fit.  They could be
"AllLibraries" for example.

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