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atsushi eno atsushieno at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 02:06:00 EDT 2006


> I have installed intltool.
> When I executed "intltool-update --pot" in sources .tar.gz package,
> some sources files couldn't be found. When I executed "intltool-update
> --pot" in sources from svn, the errors says it need a uniform encoding
> and set "#[encoding: UTF-8]" in POTFILES.in. But the POTFILES.in
> contains "#[encoding: UTF-8]". I don't know how to do.

Oh sure, but it is commented out. So, remove '#' from there.

>From the ChangeLog the reason why it is commented out seems that
it broke Makefile creation, but I didn't see that problem, so it would
not happen in your box too.

(It would be awesome if you post your .po file so that we can checkin
it to svn :-)

Atsushi Eno

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