[MonoDevelop] Problems adding icon to toolbar button

Vojko "delfy" Voga delfy.linux at vojko.net
Wed Apr 12 11:20:54 EDT 2006

Hello, folks!

I have one big problem.
When i create window, i put a toolbar control on it. Add then i add 
toolbar button on toolbar.
Then i change properties of this button to: Button Type = Text and Icon. 
I write down Label
and then i select Icon ( *.ico file or *.png file ). In designer 
everything looks ok and nice. But when i build
and run this assembly, i ALWAYS get icon from New button? Why? How to 
fix that? Is there any limits
about icon size? Any limits about file type (jpg, png, ico)?

I am using Fedora Core 5, MonoDevelop 0.10.

Please help


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