[MonoDevelop] Stetic question

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Wed Apr 12 05:30:43 EDT 2006

El mar, 11-04-2006 a las 23:02 +0200, ml escribió:
> Is there any documentation how to extend Widget set? 

There is still no documentation about this. 

> Ok, creating new widget was obvious, but what I'm stuck with is howto:
> - define new property editors.

You can manually edit the objects.xml file of your project and add an
"editor" attribute with the name of the editor class (must be a subclass
of PropertyEditorCell) to the <property> that should use that editor.

However, using custom editors is not fully supported in MD, since widget
library assemblies are never loaded into the MD process, so you can't
reference editors implemented in the same widget library. Referencing a
type from the GAC might work, although I haven't tried.

> - have public accessible property but not visible in Widget properties

You can try adding the attribute internal="true" to the <propery>
element you want to hide.


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