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Fri Apr 7 09:19:10 EDT 2006

> It is *never* a good idea to use RPMS from one distro on another. If the
> RPMs don't exist for your distro, either grab the srpm file and build it
> yourself or download an build from source.
> Lots of headaches and problems occur when you mix RPMS...
> Paul "I've been through that nightmare"

I've been using the SuSE RPMs on Mandrake/Mandriva for almost as long as the Mono Project has been going.

Just prior to installing Mono_1.1.14 I had Mono_1.1.13.x, and going back to the 1.0.x series.

I have not experienced any problems that are related to the RPMs. In fact I have always found the SuSE RPMs 
more reliable than the Mandrake/Mandriva ones.


Tracy Barlow

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