[MonoDevelop] new Task List proposal and questions

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Wed Apr 5 20:09:16 EDT 2006

El mar, 04-04-2006 a las 23:36 +0200, David Makovský (Yakeen) escribió:
> Hi all,
> I've putted some my ideas on area where I would like to put my time, I
> would appreciate your opinions to it.
> 1) Rename current "Task List" pad to "Error List"
> - any oher name proposals?
> 2) Make configuration panel for managing comment tokens
> - I've allready implemented this
> - Screenshot attached for comments - options.png
> 3) Implement new Task List pad
> - my proposed features: create user task, mark task solved (striked
> text), delete task, show generated tasks from comments (based on tokens
> settings)

I like the idea!

> - proposal sreenshot attached - newpadproposal.png
> To point 3 here are some open question where I would appreciate input
> from you.
> A) Generating tasks from souce files in project
> - How to parse project source files to generate comment tasks? Any
> ideas?
> Lluis comment:
> the parser service does not keep information about comments, so you
> could not use it, you would probably need to implement your own comment
> parsing infrastructure which could be extended by language bindings
> - Does someone from SD team comment how they did it?
> B) Storing user tasks data
> - We don't have any general data handling mechanism for storing user
> data
> - As Lluis explained to me, we don't currently store bookmarks or
> breakpoints and open documents are stored in a per-project properties
> file
> - I would propose to create an mechanism for storing data like this, to
> not reinvent a wheel everytime someone wants to store something. Any
> volunteer to work on it?

I don't think its necessary to implement a generic mechanism for this.
Just go the simple way. If you need to store per-project data, just
create a file in the project directory. If you need to store it
per-user, create the file in the home config directory (available in
Runtime.Properties.ConfigDirectory). I would use the XmlSerializer to
load and save data.

> I think that generating tasks from comments would be first step (if we
> agree on it :))

It would be worth looking at how SharpDevelop does it, and see if we can
reuse the code.

> As I do it only like my hobby and can spend just few hours a week on MD
> any help is welcomed.
> Kind Regards,
> David
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