[MonoDevelop] new Task List proposal and questions

David Makovský (Yakeen) yakeen at sannyas-on.net
Tue Apr 4 17:36:08 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I've putted some my ideas on area where I would like to put my time, I
would appreciate your opinions to it.

1) Rename current "Task List" pad to "Error List"
- any oher name proposals?

2) Make configuration panel for managing comment tokens
- I've allready implemented this
- Screenshot attached for comments - options.png

3) Implement new Task List pad

- my proposed features: create user task, mark task solved (striked
text), delete task, show generated tasks from comments (based on tokens

- proposal sreenshot attached - newpadproposal.png

To point 3 here are some open question where I would appreciate input
from you.

A) Generating tasks from souce files in project

- How to parse project source files to generate comment tasks? Any

Lluis comment:
the parser service does not keep information about comments, so you
could not use it, you would probably need to implement your own comment
parsing infrastructure which could be extended by language bindings

- Does someone from SD team comment how they did it?

B) Storing user tasks data

- We don't have any general data handling mechanism for storing user
- As Lluis explained to me, we don't currently store bookmarks or
breakpoints and open documents are stored in a per-project properties
- I would propose to create an mechanism for storing data like this, to
not reinvent a wheel everytime someone wants to store something. Any
volunteer to work on it?

I think that generating tasks from comments would be first step (if we
agree on it :))
As I do it only like my hobby and can spend just few hours a week on MD
any help is welcomed.

Kind Regards,
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