[MonoDevelop] How do you develop for monodevelop?

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Mon Oct 31 15:08:57 EST 2005

El lun, 31-10-2005 a las 12:36 -0600, Buddy Lindsey escribió:
> Ok, I am wanting to take a look at developing for monodevelop, but I
> honestly don't know how to start for example here are a couple of
> things I don't know.  I have never really worked on a big project so i
> don't really know. 
> 1) How do you develop for monodevelop.  To me if you compile the whole
> project everytime this would get real annoying real fast because you
> might only want to test one thing.

MD has a directory for each assembly. If you change one file of an
assembly, you can "cd" to its directory and run "make" and "make
install" from there. This will compile only that assembly.

> 2) do you develop monodevelop in monodevelop?

I do, although only for editing. I use command line make for compiling.
I have two MD source code trees: I use one of them to edit the other
one. In this way there is no danger of breaking the MD instance you use
to work.

> 3) If you come up with a feature that you added to Monodevelop how to
> do go about getting it implemented?

I guess you mean "a feature you want to add". It depends on the kind of
feature. If it is just an improvement in the MonoDevelop core or in the
core add-ins, you only need to change the source code, create a patch
(running "svn diff") and send a patch to the list asking for aproval.

You may also want to add some new features, such as support for your
favourite language or some kind of file viewer. In this case you can
create your own standalone add-in in a separate project and install it
in MD using the add-in manager.

I hope that helps,

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