[MonoDevelop] Installation problems: Monodevelop 0.8 and SuSE 10.0

patryklech at netscape.net patryklech at netscape.net
Mon Oct 31 12:44:59 EST 2005

(My apologies for multiple posts!)

Thank you for your help in providing the Red Carpet download page. 
After installing both packages, I started the "rcd" daemon and tried to 
download the list of channels, but, regardless of what I do, this 
results in an empty list.

"rug ping" works okay, so the daemon is operating correctly. But 
somehow the channel download operation does not yield any channels. I 
tried adding a few web sites (using the "rug service-add" command), but 
after performing "rug refresh", the "rug channels" always returns an 
empty list (don't have the exact list of sites on hand). It's almost as 
if all of the sites I added offered no channels at all. I am not behind 
any firewall or proxy (except the standard SuSE firewall).

Any suggestions? Any specific channel provider web sites, which will 
provide the Mono and Monodevelop-specific libraries? Also, is the 
graphical interface to "rcd" (Red Carpet) available anywhere, or does 
everyone use the command-line version only ("rug")?

Any help appreciated!


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