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M. Scott Ford vaderpi at scottandlaurie.com
Wed Oct 19 20:15:16 EDT 2005

I think that a pile of stuff, let's call them bits, on the left the 
image and having that morph into something else, maybe a gear, would 
look cool. Compiling bits into tools. Just my two cents.

Idan Gazit wrote:

> Hi all,
> So I saw somewhere on the wiki that there's a need for a Monodevelop 
> logo. I'm going to take a crack at said logo, worst case scenario is I 
> don't succeed and we're back where we started. :)
> I'll post urls of draft images to the list as I go for feedback, if 
> you have ideas (stupid or silly, I'm totally not one to judge) please 
> feel free to share them with me: idan at fastmail dot fm.
> Right now here's what I've thought about so far (not an exhaustive list):
> - No hammers or wrenches. There has to be a better metaphor for 
> building software.
> - If it's possible, maybe not something with the mono monkey? I like 
> the mono monkey but we can't make all mono* projects be a monkey 
> holding a wrench/pencil/paintbrush/M-16 or whatever. :)
> Neither one of those thoughts are binding. I made some drafts with the 
> concept of building-blocks (like the A-B-C wooden ones you had as a 
> kid), since development today is often the work of constructing 
> something larger out of smaller, modular pieces.
> At any rate, this is just the beginning, like I said, please feel free 
> to share thoughts and suggestions and I'll give it a go.
> - Idan
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