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Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Tue Oct 18 11:09:51 EDT 2005

El dl 17 de 10 del 2005 a les 20:38 +0200, en/na Mario Sopena va
> hey,
>    I will start writing the monodoc addin as stated here:
> http://www.monodevelop.com/TODO#Addin_for_MonoDoc_documentation_generation


> For the moment I'm learning how monodevelop works and how to write a
> plugin. As soon as I have a general idea I will post something so
> everybody can give his thoughts. I will write a very basic plugin as
> an example and see where can we go from there.
> But, of course, I will love some brainstorming if someone already has
> some ideas.

I will describe an scenario of a possible use of this Monodoc add-in:

Mario is implementing an application called Mona, which consists of two
assemblies: MonaApp and MonaLibrary. MonaLibrary will contain a public
API that needs to be documented, because other programmers will use it.
So he decides to use the brand new Monodoc add-in for this.

There is a MonoDevelop solution which contains two projects, one for
MonaApp and another one for MonaLibrary.

This is what Mario does to add documentation support to the library:

      * Mario selects the solution node in the project tree and clicks
        on the "Add new project" option. Under the Documentation section
        selects "Monodoc Project". This adds a new empty Monodoc project
        in the solution.
      * Then Mario selects that project and clicks on the "Add project
        reference" option of the contextual menu. This opens a dialog
        with a list of projects in the solution, and selects the
        MonaLibrary project. MD adds a reference to the selected
      * MD automatically starts scanning the MonaLibrary source code and
        generates the initial documentation files for the library.
      * Mario decides to start writing real documentation, so it opens
        the View menu and clicks on "Class Documentation". This shows a
        new pad in the bottom of the MD window, which has an area for
        writing documentation.
      * Mario wants to document the class MonaUtils, so he opens
        MonaUtils.cs and moves the cursor to the first method:
        GetUserName(). The documentation pad shows the documentation for
        GetUserName in a text view (which initially shows "To be
        added."). He writes the documentation for that method and then
        selects the next method to continue documenting.
      * Mario realizes that a method is missing in MonaUtils, so he adds
        the new method. The documentation pad automatically generates a
        documentation entry for that method, initialized with "To be
      * The library has now some documentation, and Mario wants to see
        how does it look like, so he selects the Monodoc project in the
        project tree and clicks on "Show in Monodoc" options. MD starts
        Monodoc, which shows the documentation for the library. New
        documentation can also be added using Monodoc's editing


> Mario.
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