[MonoDevelop] MonoDevelop on OS X

Matthew Lee matt at vistaseeker.com
Sat Oct 1 12:41:35 EDT 2005

Hi there, I am having a heck of a time getting this to work on OSX.

First I should ask if i am even installing the right code, the web  
pages talk about a binary distribution:

"Before reading any further, please consider installing MonoDevelop  
from binary packages. This is most likely far easier for you in the  
short term, and better for you in the long term. MonoDevelop packages  
are available from the redcarpet mono channel, or from go-mono.com."

Is this packaged with the Mono OS X installer? I've installed Mono  
but I cannot find MonoDevelop it anywhere, or even a mention of it.

Compiling from the .07 tarball release yields nothing but errors, I'm  
assuming these tarballs are for Linux and not OS X.  If this is the  
correct package let me know and I will detail the errors.

Would love to try this out but after 2 days of chasing gremlins I'm  
about to give up.


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