[MonoDevelop] Re: translation strings patches

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Mon Nov 28 15:40:00 EST 2005


The most basic rules for submiting patches are:
* Submit one single patch file per assembly directory (that is, one
single patch for every subdirectory below Core/src or Extras).
* The patch must include a new entry in the corresponding ChangeLog file
(notice that there is only one ChangeLog file per assembly).

And please, if you are going to send several patches wait until you have
all of them and do it at once.

> sending few more patches for missing translation strings.
> ChangeLog is simple for all of them: "Make some strings
> translatable." :)

It's simple, but somebody has to do it, and that somebody is the patch
writer :)

> What about localizing options for commandline? 
> Should we make them translatable in Options attributes?

Which Options attribute?

> And what to do with [assembly: Mono.UsageComplement("")] can we use
> the same translatable way as for the rest?

We can't use Gettext.GetString in an attribute.

> And by the way this attribute is missing in AssemblyInfo and we are
> getting this not user friendly output: 
> monodevelop --help
> MonoDevelop.IdeApplication - Mike Krueger 2000-2003
> The MonoDevelop IDE
> Usage: MonoDevelop.Ide [options] Add a [assembly:
> Mono.UsageComplement("Here goes the usage clause complement")] to your
> assembly

I don't know where this info comes from.

> Kind Regards,
> -- 
> David Makovský <yakeen at sannyas-on.net>

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