[MonoDevelop] monodevelop-0.9 + boo-0.7.5 patch.

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Mon Nov 28 04:47:06 EST 2005

If you commit this patch in the 0.9 branch as well as head I can publish
the updated add-in in the main repository.

El sáb, 26-11-2005 a las 16:40 -0800, Peter Johanson escribió:
> hey all,
> This is a pre-emptive email for users + packagers looking to use
> monodevelop-0.9 with the recently released boo-0.7.5. The attached patch
> is required to accommodate for API changes in the new boo. Note that with
> this patch, the required boo version is bumped to 0.7.5 or newer, so
> this will *not* work with older versions. I'm going to try my hardest to
> keep this from happening again, as this is the second time a MD release
> has been closely followed by a boo release which breaks the MD release
> (no one to blame really, just a case of bad timing).
> Anyway, hth,
> -pete
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