[MonoDevelop] Namespace Gtk not found

Uwe Fechner ufechner at sk28.de
Sun Nov 27 16:02:43 EST 2005

C.J. Collier schrieb:

>>Since my upgrade to monodevelp 0.9 I get the following error, if I
>>compile the most basic Gtk# project:
>>(Could this a Gtk 2.6 vs. Gtk 2.4 issue?)
>Yep.  Remove your gtk-sharp (and friends) references from your project
>and re-add them from the gac.  That should clear things up for you.
Well, this was not enough.
I had to remove all my gtk-sharp 2.6 related packages from my system

 > emerge -C gtksourceview-sharp
 > emerge -C gecko-sharp
 > emerge -C monodevelop
 > emerge -C gtk-sharp

and reemerge them after removing them from the package.unmask file.

But now everything is fine.



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