[MonoDevelop] Upcoming 0.9 release

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Fri Nov 18 05:08:30 EST 2005

El vie, 18-11-2005 a las 00:46 +0100, knocte escribió:
> Lluis Sanchez wrote:
> > Hi!
> >
> > There will be a new MonoDevelop release soon, probably next week. If you
> > know of any showstopper bug please file it in bugzilla.ximian.com. This
> > could be also a good moment for updating the translations. If you need
> > more time for this, please let me know.
> >
> > Thanks!
> > Lluis.
> >   
> Hello Lluis. I am not using a SVN version of MD so I cannot check myself 
> for the moment, but I think I have found a bug in the 0.8 RPM (for SUSE 
> 10) I am using, that could be still present on SVN. The thing is very 
> simple: the option "Replace" from the menu "Search" (perhaps I am not 
> using the correct words because I use MD in Spanish) doesn't work. If 
> you click the button "Search" it finds correctly the first occurrence of 
> the string typed, but if you click "Replace" it doesn't replace the word 
> (it finds the next occurrence without replacing the last). I bet this is 
> a dumb bug which could be easily solved.

I'm seeing this bug in SVN as well. I'll take a look. Please, the next
time you find a bug file it in bugzilla, so we have a chance to fix it.

> BTW, I see that my Spanish translation of MD is not complete (many 
> strings remain in English). How is the Spanish contributor up to date 
> with the work, and can I contribute in any way?

The spanish translation it's beeing maintained by Jonathan Hernández. I
don't know if he is updating it.


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