[MonoDevelop] OSX monodevelop installed from Fink won't start?

BEADLING, Philip, FM Philip.BEADLING at rbos.com
Wed Nov 9 11:48:16 EST 2005



Having installed KDE and a host of other things from Fink, I've had a
predominetly good experience using the software.  The one thing I really
want to get up and running tho is monodevelop, and it seems to be the one
thing I cannot get to work!


I'm running out of steam here - I've googled the issue and found a few
people with the same issue, but no solution.  I've even tried the blind
reinstalling monodevelop - no luck.


Basically depending on my environment setup I get one of two errors.  If I
include the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH as recommended on most mono setup pages I get
this error almost immediately:


Pango-WARNING **: Cannot open font file for font Verdana


Pango-WARNING **: Cannot open fallback font, nothing to do.


My environment set up would be as follows - although only the
DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH seems to make a difference here:







Now if I just unset DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH and try to run it, it gets as far as
The Workbench starting to load in the loader that pops up and then I get the
following error:


MonoDevelop.Services.ILoggingService [(null)] - Creating DefaultWorkbench 
Loading error, please reinstall : 
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an
in <0x00184> Gdl.DockLayout:SetupObject (System.Xml.XmlNode node) 
in <0x00118> Gdl.DockLayout:RecursiveBuild (System.Xml.XmlNode parentNode,
Gdl.DockObject parent) 
in <0x00238> Gdl.DockLayout:Load (System.Xml.XmlNode node) 
in <0x000bc> Gdl.DockLayout:LoadLayout (System.String name) 
in <0x00110> MonoDevelop.Gui.SdiWorkbenchLayout:set_CurrentLayout
(System.String value) 
in <0x002b4> MonoDevelop.Gui.SdiWorkbenchLayout:SwitchContext
(MonoDevelop.Gui.WorkbenchContext ctxt) 
in <0x00384> MonoDevelop.Gui.SdiWorkbenchLayout:CreateDefaultLayout () 
in <0x00854> MonoDevelop.Gui.SdiWorkbenchLayout:Attach (IWorkbench wb) 
in <0x00098> MonoDevelop.Gui.DefaultWorkbench:set_WorkbenchLayout
(IWorkbenchLayout value) 
in <0x00054> MonoDevelop.Gui.WorkbenchSingleton:SetWbLayout () 
in <0x0000c> MonoDevelop.Gui.WorkbenchSingleton:CreateWorkspace () 
in <0x00064> MonoDevelop.Commands.InitializeWorkbenchCommand:Run () 
in <0x00864> MonoDevelop.SharpDevelopMain:Main (System.String[] args)



I'm at sea here - has anyone see either error.  Which is the correct way to
proceed, and what is required?


Many thanks for any advice,






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