[MonoDevelop] Installation problems: Monodevelop 0.8 and SuSE 10.0

patryklech at netscape.net patryklech at netscape.net
Tue Nov 1 14:24:58 EST 2005

Okay, it seems the battle is won.  For some reason YaST, when 
installing Monodevelop 0.8, would not automatically find the 
appropriate RPMs from the directory where I placed them.  Installing 
the 'mono-complete' package first did not help.  Somehow, installing 
Boo first also pulled in all required Mono-related RPMs and a 
subsequent installation of Monodevelop succeeded.

Just a quick question on a related note - despite having found _lots_ 
of references to being able to download the Mono-related packages using 
Red Carpet from various web sites, any attempt to add such a site to 
the service list (except one) ended in an empty channel list.  What's 
the deal?  Are all Red Carpet repositories being taken off-line by 
Novell, or what?  Can anyone explain this mystery to me?


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