[MonoDevelop] log4net logging service

John Luke John Luke <john.luke@gmail.com>
Thu, 31 Mar 2005 13:45:50 -0500

Is the changelog basically:
add the LoggingServices, and replace use of Console.WriteLine with it?

Having not used log4net I suppose it prints it all to stdout, but
allows you to configure verbosity? Can it be set to quiet by default
or to a lastlog type file? Looks basically ok to me.

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 17:36:05 -0800, Christian Hergert <chris@mosaix.net> wrote:
> I hacked together a new logging service. It uses log4net which seems the
> be the most popular system at this time. There is an ILoggingService in
> MonoDevelop.Base which would allow for a change at any time. Also,
> DefaultLoggingService is in there which is what actually uses log4net.
> This should be the new prefered method to dump information rather than
> the ever popular Console.WriteLine.
> Quick example:
>     Runtime.LoggingService.Warn("This is a message at level WARN");
>     Runtime.LoggingService.FatalFormat("Fatal message with var {0}",
> "arghh");
> I also patched all of MonoDevelop.Base to use this instead of
> Console.WriteLines. Because this was done with regex, they are all set
> to level INFO for the time being. We will adjust this later.
> Patch is attached. Since it includes a binary dll for log4net, it is
> included as a tar.gz. Apply with:
>   cd MonoDevelop && tar xzf path/to/log4netservice.tar.gz
> Let me know what you think. The makefiles need work, but i will probably
> let Todd take care of that as im sure he will want to do some source
> tree layout changes at the same time.
> --
> Christian Hergert
> Mosaix Communications, Inc.
> Software Engineer