[MonoDevelop] MonoDevelop on Windows?

John Luke john.luke@gmail.com
Wed, 30 Mar 2005 23:04:19 -0500

Zac Bowling wrote:

>I keep emailing the list and it seems like no one reads my messages. :-)
>I have gtksourceview ported. I ported gecko# to win32 (hard dependency)
>and other things to win32. Existing versions of libgnomeui elements that
>haven't been ported have some mono gtk versions.  The biggest issue is
>VFS which I already have some win32 apis to get around. I've been
>through  this many many times :-). http://www.polystimulus.com/ and
>http://monodevelop.zacbowling.com/ both have some of my work on the
>subject. I have 90% of it built and working. I need to write a VFS work
>around for reading the lang attributes from the xml based lang files for
>gtksourceview (VFS does it nicely). I need to write a work around for
>VTE stuff. I need a to write a work around for some of the path things.
>Past that it should almost work. 
>Hope that helps.

You need to submit these changes at some point to the respective 
upstream places and have them accepted.  Looking at the above link I see 
one out of date and fairly unreadable 440k patch.  It is possible you 
did nasty things to get it to work that won't be accepted.  By the way, 
vte is not used by monodevelop right now.

For example, I am fairly certain gtksourceview will work on win32 by 
making gnome print support optional.  Since we dont use that part 
anyways, why not make a patch for just that and submit it to them?