[MonoDevelop] Building MonoDevelop and Debugger add-in against mono-2.0

Dean Brettle dean@brettle.com
Wed, 23 Mar 2005 23:30:20 -0500

[No response on #monodevelop so I'm trying the list]

Hi all,

I'm trying to get the debugger add-in to work in the latest svn.  After
applying a couple patches here and there, I found I was getting a bunch
of errors about not being able to find various types (eg BoolExpression)
that are defined in Expression.cs.  That whole file is enclosed in #if
NET_2_0.  I needed to do 'make CSC="gmcs -define:NET_2_0' in the
DebuggerAddIn dir to get it to compile.  However, using the same command
in MonoDevelop/ fails with an "ambigous reference" error (in

So, my questions: 

1) Is there a more preferred way to build against the 2.0 profile? 

2) Is having a clean compile against the 2.0 profile a worthwhile goal?
If so, I'll look into fixing the ambiguous reference.