[MonoDevelop] Patch + Idea

jeroen@xs4all.nl jeroen@xs4all.nl
Fri, 4 Mar 2005 09:59:10 +0100 (CET)

Hi Ben,

Your mockup is very interesting. The current Gtk.Notebook doesn't support
adding any custom widgets in the "action area". There's a bug open for a
Gtk+ enhancement for this (don't have the bug number here atm).

I'm definitely interested in an improved Notebook widget. I even started
hacking on such a widget. You can find the code in the samples dir of Gtk#
(CustomNotebook.cs iirc). What i was working on there is to ellipsize the
tab labels based on the available space. Perhaps you use that as a
starting point (my code is unfinished).



> hi,
> First of all, the patch adds a right-click menu to all the tablabels
> of the open file notebook, giving the options
>    - Close
>    - Close All
>    - Close All but this
> Now, my idea
> since i think the way how scrolling in a Gtk.Notebook is handled, is
> just bad, i was having some ideas how to display a list of open tabs
> (so you can navigate quickly in a big project)
> 1) Add a "Jump to" menuitem to the same popup menu
> 2) Add an arrow to the notebook (see notebook_mockup.png)
> but, is this possible without messing around in the Gtk+ source code ?
> secondly, once you got the list of open windows, how should it be
> displayed
> 1) sorted list
> SomeClass.cs
> SomeClass.cs (from another project in the solution)
> SomeOtherClass.cs
> ...
> 2) list sorted by project and by filename
> MonoDevelop.Base
>    SomeClass.cs
>    SomeOtherClass.cs
> MonoDevelop.Core
>    SomeClass.cs
> -- Ben