[MonoDevelop] Mono Debugger

jchomarat@free.fr jchomarat@free.fr
Thu, 3 Mar 2005 10:40:35 +0100


I've installed mono and mono debugger from the svn repository. The compilation
was successfull
I'm using kernel 2.6.10, glibc 2.3.4 with nptl enabled.

Each time I try to debug a program from the command line, e.g mdb prog.exe, then
"run", I receive :

Inconsistency detected by ld.so: ../sysdeps/generic/dl-tls.c: 72:
_dl_next_tls_modid: Assertion `result <= _rtld_local._dl_tls_max_dtv_idx'

It seems that it is librairies problems, or a bug with glibc
Has anyone seen this before?

If someone is successfully using debugger, can I know with which version of
mono/debugger/glibc/gcc .

I know this is the monodevelop mailing list, but in order to enable
mono-debugger, I want to have it running

Thanks, and any help would be appreciated.


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