[MonoDevelop] Assembly reorganization

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Tue Jul 26 14:30:11 EDT 2005

> >
> >The basic idea is to split the API in (at least) three assemblies:
> >
> >      * MonoDevelop.Core: it would be the core runtime of MD. It would
> >        contain what it has right now plus some services moved from
> >        MonoDevelop.Base. It would not contain anything related to the
> >        GUI.
> >  
> >
> The original idea (at least I think) was that core would only contain 
> the minimum functionality.

I agree.

> I think we
> shouldn't move any services into here that are not 1) useful for almost 
> any app that exists 

MonoDevelop is a platform upon which you can build development tools and
applications. So, as long as the assembly is named MonoDevelop.Core, I
think it should contain services which are useful for development
We can create another assembly with services useful for all kind of
applications, but I think it shouldn't have MonoDevelop in the name.
However, is it worth to create such assembly?

> 2) free of non-standard
> dependencies. 

I agree. The core should be fully portable, out of the box.

> >
> A perhaps too simple suggestion, instead of MonoDevelop.IdeApplication 
> how about using just MonoDevelop.

The main goal of the reorganization is to create the concept of
"platform" which is not the same as the "IDE". The idea of "platform" is
to provide a set of extensible tools for the development of applications
(specially focused to Mono, but open to other languages and runtimes).
The IDE would be just one of those tools (a big one, though). 

I've been using the name "MonoDevelop" to refer to the platform, and
MonoDevelop.IdeApplication to refer to IDE.

There are other options. We can create a new name for the "platform",
such as "Abcde", so we would have:

Abcde.Core	For the core platform runtime
Abcde.Gui	For reusable platform GUI components
MonoDevelop	The IDE

Or we can keep MonoDevelop for the platform and create a new name for
the IDE...


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