[MonoDevelop] ASP.NET

Anton Andreev Anton.Andreev at fmi.uni-sofia.bg
Sun Jul 24 10:59:15 EDT 2005

Monodevelop has various projects, but where is the ASP.NET project? It
should be not that hard to add.

-The type of application should be changed when calling msc.
-The needed default referrences.
-A simple asp.net code should be displayed when the user creates ASP.NET
-The run button should call xsp every time for the project directory and a
browser - let's say firefox. When the browser is closed the xsp should be
stopped or restarted cause it will have to load the new dlls if the
project is recompiled.
-Some options should be added to the GUI.

I want to help, but I can not do it without some help?


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