[MonoDevelop] Moving SVN repo, website, etc.

Todd Berman tberman at off.net
Sun Jul 3 17:41:08 EDT 2005


	I have been thinking recently. I would like to know what others think
of moving the MD SVN repo into the mono svn repo, and moving the website
into a section of the mono-project wiki.

The SVN Repo specifics:

We have 2 options that i know of.

1) Lose history and leave the current repo available as a readonly

2) Figure out how to basically commit our repo to monos, I would assume
this would mean we would start at r1 for our repo, and slowly commit
into the repo until we get current. This would still cause the loss of
our branches, etc, most likely.

Personally, I have no issue w/ #1, as it is the easiest, but I would
like to hear other opinions.

Then, for the website.

We currently have a wiki and a website. The website is oft-out of date,
and generally not as useful as it could be.

I would like to see us fold the website/wiki into the mono-project wiki.
I think that would be good for the visibility and maintenance of it.

Any thoughts?


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