[MonoDevelop] New to monodevelop : New Solution problem.

nicault.daniel@laposte.net nicault.daniel@laposte.net
Wed, 26 Jan 2005 12:03:46 +0100

Hi all,

My English is not good : sory...

Here is my question :

I try to use monodevelop to write some applications that run on Linux and 
windows with :
 mono wxNET --> linux
 .NET WXnet --> windows
I want to work with mono monodevelop on linux and for the moment I have done 
that whell :

- New Solution : Empty Project
- Tools add : "wxGlade" for drawing UI and "towxnet.exe --gui" for generate c# 
code.  That works fine :)

The problem is here :

Each time I open my project I have to modify the run otion of 
Makefile.solution.myWxProg to have : 
run: all
	cd $(OUTPUTDIR) && ./wxnet-run ./myWxProg.exe
And Makefile.myWxProg to set :
MCS_OPTIONS = /r:System.Drawing.dll /r:wx.NET.dll
mcs -lib:./Bin/ $(MCS_OPTIONS) -target ........
And then I run ./main.sh in a console because compiling from MonoDevelop cause 
dependencies errors :(

simple thing, but not clean, is to change name and references to this files :
------------------ <bad solution but that works>
Makefile.solution.myWxProg --> Makefile.solution.wxmyWxProg
Makefile.myWxProg  --> Makefile.wxmyWxProg 
and main.sh --> wxmain.sh
then run ./wxmain.sh [-clean] etc.. But if I add dependencies, files etc.. I 
have to maintain my lot of files manualy :(  
I think that better solution is probably ti add a new c# solution model in 
MonoDevelop but dont now how to do that...

Can you Help ?

Thanks in advance