[MonoDevelop] New NAnt Plugin release

Michael Lausch mla@lausch.at
Mon, 17 Jan 2005 02:04:11 +0100

I just finished a new version of my NAnt Plugin
As always it's available with SVN and i cahnged from alpha version
numbers to beta version numbers.


Documentation and all the patches for NAnt to make it compile under
Mono-1.1 and Mono HEAD can be found at


The highlights of the release:
o   I uses the combine node instead of the project node for it's context
o   You can choose between different build files and between all the 
    targets in the build files
o   It is possible to override NAnt properties through editing of
    list entries. The properties are displayed when a file or 
    target is selected

Planned, but not yet finished:
o  Store the selected file and target with the combine and add
   a toolbar entry which uses these values to perform a default build
o  generate a build file from the combine and project information. Use
   a user definable template for the generation.
o  Enhance the property editing.
o  Use a window, not a dialog
o  Integrate this window in the monodevelop main window (i currently
   have no idea how this can be done).

Michael Lausch <mla@lausch.at>